E3 2018: Square Enix Showcase

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Square Enix streamed a half hour show, in which half of their stuff had already been announced by Microsoft yesterday, leading to a somewhat disappointing showcase overall, but there were still a few good nuggets in there!

Babylon’s Fall

What was probably the biggest thing to happen during the showcase was the announcement of PlatinumGames new IP (the devs behind Nier Automata). Not much was revealed with the announcement trailer, except it seems to be medieval in aesthetic and a little bit anime with supernatural tendrils protruding from the hero’s back. It’s set to come out sometime next year on PS4 and PC. This was then followed up by the Nier Automata trailer we saw in the Microsoft briefing, which could mean that Babylon’s Fall could someday make it to the Xbox One as well.

Shadow of the Tomb Raider

Shadow of the Tomb Raider gameplay was shown and we got to see Lara “becoming one with the jungle.” We got a look at poison darts, rope kills, and Lara covering herself in mud for some indistinguishable reason. More tombs were confirmed as well as bigger hub worlds. Coming out September 14th this year.

The Quiet Man

Another interesting announcement of game featuring a deaf action hero! It’s also another Square Enix title that is going to ignore the Xbox. The trailer starts and ends with live action footage, but little snippets of the game itself appear between the words “Silence Rings Louder.” It doesn’t look too ready for showing off just yet, but we’re promised more in August. Watch this space!

 The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit

We got another look at this Life is Strange spin-off, with some extra tidbits from the developers! This isn’t Life is Strange 2, but it is “your first steps into Season 2.” There’ll be many secrets and clues to discover that will introduce you to things in the sequel, including new characters that will make an appearance. The game will be available to download for FREE on June 26th!

Just Cause 4

Rico heads to the fictitious South American city of Solis where we’re promised a “greater variety” in places to explore, extreme weather featuring tornados that destroy bridges and forests and unpredictable storms. There are new vehicles to hijack, including bulldozers, car trucks, wrecking balls and micro jets. Enemies are smarter and more reactive, with very different abilities and gear. It’ll be hitting the shelves December 4th

Kingdom Hearts III

We got a remix of the trailer we saw at the Microsoft trailer, except this time we got a glimpse of more characters, a little more story, and Remi of Ratatouille. People are pumped for a Ratatouille level, but don’t get your hopes up too high, as he could just be a summon.  The short clip was shown alongside Mufasa and Wreck-It Ralph, both of which also look like summons. The trailer still lacked Foley and background sounds, which makes me happy they delayed it. I would like a game where I can hear Sora run, thank you. KHIII has a (final??) release date of January 29th next year.


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