A night owl by nature, Di spends a large part of the morning comatose. By day, she’s a video editor and by night, a circus performer. But it’s during the wee hours past midnight that Di’s geeky side comes out, playing too much Dota 2 and curbing the urge to eat chips.

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Istanbul: Digital Edition – As Close to a Market as You’ll Get with a Board Game

My take on board game ports has increasingly been “yes please”. So I was excited to see Acram Digital bringing Rüdiger Dorn’s Istanbul to mobile, especially wit...


Florence is the story of a young woman and the heartracing highs and heartbreaking lows of her very first love. Comments

Florence and Me: My Relationship with a Mobile App

As I write this, I have a warm cup of coffee on my desk. I’ve lit a candle. The mellow strains of the compositions of Kevin Penkin (the composer for Flore...

Golf Club: Wasteland

After the Great Ecological Catastrophe the ultra rich move to Tesla City on Mars. The rest of us died. Now, citizens of Mars take flights to Earth and play golf...

Golf Club: Wasteland

“Why,” is my initial reaction to games involving golf. It’s not a game I enjoy playing in real life, much less virtually. Fortunately, Golf Cl...

Incredibles 2

  Di: Before we dive into this much-anticipated (by me, anyway) sequel, I think it’s impossible not to give a brief nod to something that’s become a bit of...

Our Steam Summer Sale 2018 picks!

Saskia’s Top 5 Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines I’ve never encountered a game quite like Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines, which...


How does a p fall? How much does an r weigh? And how does the dot over an i sound? Comments

Supertype! Not Just a Game for Nanas

  The name Supertype might make you think that this is for people who like Scrabble and crosswords. I have nothing against these people (being one myself) ...


Supernatural teen drama with some guilty pleasures. Comments

Oxenfree: Supernatural teen drama with some guilty pleasures

Being a teenager is hard. Especially if you’re Alex. Let’s see…your dad’s just married somebody else’s mum. You’ve just met new stepbrother Jonas which is...

Reigns: Her Majesty

What’s it like to be royal? We find out in Reigns: Her Majesty. Comments


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