Deadpool 2

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I loooooooved the first Deadpool movie (as, I think, a lot of people did). Which means I probably approached Deadpool 2 with unfairly high expectations. It definitely didn’t disappoint, but perhaps unsurprisingly, it also didn’t surpass its predecessor. Tough to beat an origin story, especially when it’s breaking all the super hero genre rules.

Even though, overall, Deadpool 2 wasn’t as mind-blowingly awesome – it still had many many moments which trumped any in the first. Deadpool lay the ‘in-jokes’ and pulp culture reference groundwork for Deadpool 2 to take to new heights. It did just that! Along with some OUTSTANDING cameos (my goodness), the laughs just keep coming. For me, that’s where part of the problem with Deadpool 2 lies. Too many things going on. I could barely keep up with all the jokes and references being thrown in the movie blender (this is probably a reflection of my slow brain more than anything else), and the tone of the movie was all over the place. It took Deadpool through some pretty depressing moments, but it was hard to really feel or appreciate it with so many new characters being thrown in the mix and the one-liners coming thick and fast. 😏 

Ryan Reynold is Deadpool. There’s really nothing more to say about his performance. So many excellent new characters were introduced that it was impossible for any of them to get the screen-time they deserved (bring on Deadpool 3!). Our own Julian Dennison (look at me being all New Zealand proud and stuff), was amazing as Russell, a troubled teen mutant Deadpool crosses paths with while in training to join the X-men. It took me awhile to get used to a classic ‘kiwi’ character in a Deadpool movie and I wasn’t initially convinced it worked – but with all the insanity going on – Russell was just what Deadpool 2 needed. Domino, a mutant with the power of being lucky, was absolutely badass and Zazie Beetz was the perfect choice for the role.

I haven’t read any Cable comics myself, but I feel pretty confident that any Cable fans out there will not be disappointed by Josh Brolin’s take on the character.  It definitely left me open to the idea of a Cable spin-off and I already think there are way too many superhero/comic book movies in existence! Cable is kind of like Liam Neeson in Taken (except way more unstoppable), in the sense that you leave the movie wishing he was your Dad. He’s possibly the most endearing character in the movie (in a way – don’t let me put you off).

Deadpool 2 really kicks it up a notch in the violence and gore department. If it was an element you struggled with in the first movie, I’m not sure how you’ll cope in this one (it was all brilliant). Even though it’s still jam-packed with smutty humour, they really dialed it back on the actual explicit graphic content. Deadpool had the sexy holiday montage and an extended scene in a strip club – Deadpool 2 doesn’t have any nudity (that I can recall).

Deadpool 2 is a strong continuation of the story and is not one to miss. If you loved the first movie, you’ll love the second and as always – make sure you stay for the post credits scenes – actually my favourite moments in the whole film.




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