Until Dawn: Rush of Blood

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I had tried the demo of Until Dawn: Rush of Blood, pre-release, and I hadn’t been overly impressed with the giant screaming pig carcasses. It made the game seem a little too ‘try-hard’ at being gross and pretty unimaginative. If you’ve only tried the demo and had similar feelings, don’t write the whole game off! Until Dawn: Rush of Blood was an unexpected favourite of my VR experiences and each level offers up a new kind of classic horror thrill!


A suspicious carnival fellow eases you in to the game through a tutorial level where you’re given pea shooters and very non-scary targets. You get access to all sorts of different weapons as the game progresses, through the use of weapon crates you shoot to utilize. You start to feel at ease. Maybe this is just going to be a fun arcade style, rollercoaster shooter! Well obviously that isn’t the case, but it was fun to watch some of my friends start to relax into the game only to be screaming and covering their faces with their arms a moment later AS IF THAT DOES ANYTHING. HAHAHAHAHA!

You can check out some of these reactions in the vid below:

VR is really what makes this game great. I’m also happy to report that this was one of the few VR games I tried that didn’t give me any motion sickness at all! Gone are the days of the action only coming from one direction (straight ahead), you’re now expected to be reacting to noises from behind you and really be using the ability to look in all directions. The need to be constantly looking around to notice anything creeping up on you, really dials up the stress/scare factor. Glance behind you a moment too long and when you turn back a crazy ghost lady is screaming in your face! I don’t think Rush of Blood is aiming to terrify you though. The fun doesn’t come from the scares alone (which is good because many of them are very predictable), but the chaotic barrage of different targets – whether they be of the harmless wooden variety or the scary in your face type. It’s thrilling and high energy 80% of the time and even some of my most easily frightened friends who had no initial interest in playing a ‘horror’ ended up wanting to go back for more.


Even though it can be pretty cheesy and predictable (and certainly isn’t something mind-blowingly creative), Rush of Blood’s greatest strength is how entertaining it is – even if you’re not playing. It’s the perfect party game for people to jump in and have a go at but also to sit back and watch others ducking and diving and squealing while you wait your turn. So if you’re thinking about diving into the world of VR, make sure that Until Dawn: Rush of Blood is on your must-buy list!




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