The Curse of the Weeping Woman AKA The Curse of La Llorona

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Saskia – I’m not good with horror films. Me attending this with you, Ashton, started out as a joke. A joke that turned into a little Ashton’s dream. A dream that  I couldn’t bear to shatter. I must say, though, I had a great time!

Ashton – Everything in my life starts out as a joke. But as Saskia learnt by coming to sit through a horror movie with me – often jokes are the best way for adventures to start! I’m a horror fanatic and Saskia fanatic. So the thought of combining these two things sounded appealing to me! Also the idea of watching a horror movie with someone who doesn’t like them sounded like an interesting idea!

Saskia – I tend to staunch out horror films if I’m watching them in public. I grit my teeth and refuse to budge. You seem to relax into them a lot more than me and verbally joke away your nerves. Your approach is probably better. The need for staunch was STRONG in Curse of the Weeping Woman. I had crazy jaw ache when I left.

Ashton – Again, everything in my life starts out as a joke! I love getting into horror movies and letting myself jump and gasp. I love watching horror and joking about it as I go. Which is great unless you are sitting next to me at said movie (I got told off). I’m not a snooty horror movie goer, I like good story lines as much as cheap jump scares. This was mainly the latter. Great comedic material for us though! (Again, not for the people sitting next to us).

Saskia – The script was pretty freakin weak and as much as I LOVE Linda Cardellini, even she couldn’t make me really care about her character. Don’t get me wrong, she still does the absolute best anyone could with the script she’s been given! Love you long time Linda! Tony Amendola pops up for a bit of priestly uselessness (however well acted) as Father Perez. Patricia Velasquez did a great job as the disturbed mother, Patricia Alvarez. I felt very unsettled anytime she was on screen. She actually made me more uncomfortable than the evil spirit the film is about, La Llarona (scene stealer!). Jaynee-Lynne Kinchen and Roman Christou were pretty decent horror film children. They weren’t annoying. Actually I think I’m just used to not enjoying child actors in general, so I’m probably being too hard on them. They were probably quite good? Thoughts on them Ashton? I think the only character I really felt anything for was Raymond Cruz’s faith healer character, Rafael Olvera, and then only because he served up the lols. So many surprising lols with spot-on timing. Even if he is a bit of a macho loser. I still love him. He also seemed single?

Ashton – The script was garbage. Like honestly do we need the line “your husband was a cop.” She knows her husband was a cop – this isn’t a film about dementia. Exposition people! Just because it’s a horror doesn’t mean you have to shoe horn badly written exposition! Like Saskia I am also a massive Cardellini fan (because Freaks in Geeks is still one of the best shows of all time) and she did her best. Alvarez was also good and I agree with Saskia’s comments here too. Child actors are usually trash, especially in horrors so yeah these dorks were above average and given the shotty dialogue they deserve a wee mention. The real horror here is that I just literally agreed with everything Sask said. THE HORROR! I must admit the humour was actually quite welcome. It was fairly well written and delivered and made the film feel slightly more self aware.

Saskia – The Curse of The Weeping Woman (La Llorona) is like the chick flick of the horror world. It was a really REALLY fun ride, without needing to be much else. The jump scares pile themselves in there, still managing to somehow be terrifying time and time again. It’s a horror film I’d be comfortable recommending because it doesn’t really have any truly ‘yuck’ content that will stick in your mind (unless you have a rare, non-desensitized brain). It’s something you can snuggle up with some friends and watch on a rainy night – get some thrills and then still sleep pretty soundly after.

Ashton – I agree. It’s not cleverly written like Insidious 1 & 2 but is more exciting and jump scare filled like Insidious 3. It isn’t groundbreakingly clever like Saw 1 & 2 but more cashing in with what makes a franchise great like Saw 3. Basically it’s fun and exciting but it’s not memorable or unique. If you like horror movies then it’s worth a watch. But if you only like horror movies if they are actually GOOD movies (Alien, Texas Chainsaw Massacre, The Shining) then this might be a bit too low brow for you. Would recommend hanging out with Saskia though. Regardless of what movies you like. She’s awesome.



I'm smiling

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