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French Seam Tutorial

If you don’t have access to an overlocker, French Seams are a good way to prevent fabric edges from fraying. They can also be used to give a tidy finish t...

Armageddon Cosplay Interviews!

Courty & Courtney catch up with Jungle Lady Cosplay, Rachael Diamond, Little Monster Cosplays, Galexei Cosplays, IdotCosplay, Perfect Randomness Cosplay, Zu...

PokemonGo Trainer (female) Cosplay Tutorial!

With a convention approaching fast and no new cosplay ready to wear, I needed to make something quick, easy, and cheap. So I embarked on an adventure to make my...

Akiba con Cosplay Picnic Part 2!

Courty chats with Aenthralled Cosplay and Pink Star Cosplay about their impressive outfits! Comments

Akiba con Cosplay Picnic 2016

Saskia and Courty headed to the Akiba con Cosplay Picnic over the weekend! Comments

The Cosplayer and the Quest to the Convention

So you’ve just heard of a convention that you’d like to go to. They’ve got your favourite actor, your favourite voice artist, that one YouTuber you’re dying to ...

Con Safe Dagger Tutorial

Many conventions take a “safety first” approach to cosplay prop weapons, restricting the types of products you can use to make them. However, it’s still possibl...

Simple EVA Armour Tutorial

EVA foam is a wonderful material for beginner cosplayers to experiment with making armour. – It’s really cheap so you don’t need to worry abou...


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