A choose your own adventure K-drama!

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“Click Your Heart” is a choose-your-own-adventure high school romance drama – probably aimed at teens but since when has that stopped me? Each episode ends with a choice for our leading lady to make (usually a choice between boys) and we get to see each different option played out!

AOA’s Mina plays the female lead, a lovable high school student who seemingly causes everyone she comes in contact with some terrible luck!

She starts receiving attention from four different male students, played by members of FNC Entertainment’s training system/pre-debut dance group NEOZ SCHOOL.

Rowoon is the school’s baseball star

Dawon is a diligent top student and her childhood friend

Jooho is into street fighting and has dated her in the past

Chanhui is a mysterious boy who stops smiling only when focusing on his passion — dancing.

So yes, this series oozes equal parts cheesiness and charm! With each episode being around 10 minutes long, you can get through the entire series in just over an hour. This definitely means the characters aren’t very fleshed out and the sudden romantic interests popping up everywhere aren’t too believable…but if you enjoy K-dramas you’ll probably still get sucked in.

What I loved most is that I finally got to see an ending where the main girl chooses the best friend who’s been by her side for years instead of choosing the popular jerk character! Korean dramas are pretty notorious for setting up the classic love triangle between the nice loyal guy, the rich jerk and the quirky leading lady – *spoiler alert* she always chooses the jerk.

So while this series isn’t exactly outstanding – it’s still very charming, fun and yes OKAY I CRIED A TINY BIT.
The choose-your-own-adventure concept is well delivered and I definitely hope a more in depth and bigger budget K-drama uses it in the future.

It’s available on Netfix now and is well worth 70 minutes of your time!





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