PriceSpy Giveaway!

PriceSpy is one of those things in life that you take for granted. It’s always there when you need it. It’s got your back – it won’t let you waste your money and it’s always looking out for sweet deals just for you! It’s the best friend you never acknowledged…that loves you from afar. A truly selfless love. You type a product you’re interested in pur...

No Man’s Sky News

Well, its been a long while since hello games released an update – the last being NEXT, which got a whole new generation of players into the game. Unfortunately for some of us die hard supporters of the game, the game has changed into something that does not quite feel like it used to. That’s not to say its bad, its not, its just not quite how we envisaged it. It’s also been a lo...

An Interview with the Creator of “Lost Sock”

If you’ve ever had the heartbreak of losing your favourite piece of clothing to an evil washing machine, Tim the creator of Lost Sock understands. Di got to chat with him about this, laundry and even more interesting ventures. DI: How did you first come up with the idea for Lost Sock? Do you just do a lot of laundry? TIM: A couple of months ago, my washing machine stopped working, so I ended...

PriceSpy – Top January Games Competition!!

We’re excited to be teaming up with awesome team over at PriceSpy for some giveaways and reviews over the coming months! They’ve got heaps of great tips on when’s the best time to grab games and tech (if you can wait a little) and some interesting insights on the top 5 games of each month! Scroll down for comp details! Based on historical click data insights from PriceSpy, the fu...

Days Gone Flashback Wedding Trailer

Sony have released a new trailer today for the hotly anticipated PS4 survival horror game, Days Gone. The trailer adds some backstory flavour to protagonist Deacon St. John who is shown wandering a desolate ruin of a church, rain pelting down on him. He takes a photo from his pocket and flashes back to a memory of his wedding to his fiance Sarah, seemingly at the same church before the pandemic st...

Tom Clancy’s The Division Private Beta

I was lucky enough (because I cant afford to buy the game at the moment), to get a private beta key and a chance to test the game out. If you are familiar with the first game, which occurred in Manhattan, a crisis of some form has occurred, government agents and private security contractors have been sent in to restore law and order, but they have all failed or gone rogue. You are a Civilian Agent...

3 Reasons You Should See Spider-Man Into the Spider-Verse

You might have already seen it, but Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse officially comes to cinemas January 3rd! And if you haven’t already seen it, well, you better get your act together and go ASAP. Ben and Ashton have three flippin’ good reasons why!

The Pretty Much Geeks’ Guide to Gifts (Christmas and Beyond)

Here at Pretty Much Geeks we LOVE the Christmas holidays! But we also hate the stress that comes with trying to figure out what to buy some people. So we’ve compiled a hopefully helpful list of some super cool presents to gift the geek in your life! The PlayStation Classic Jaz A tiny console with a massive 20 games preloaded onto it, this is a great gift for the gamer who longs for the 90s. ...

PMG Interviews AFK

Di chats with director/creator of AFK Peter Haynes and Saskia takes actor Vanya Essin on for a physical challenge. Season 2 of AFK is out now on TVNZ on Demand! Woot!

PMG Interviews Osric Chau

Saskia/Nurse Joy catches up with Osric Chau about this roles in Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency and Supernatural, and lots of other geeky things.

Overload 2018: NZ’s Comic and Manga Convention

Louise went to the Overload convention and rubbed shoulders with NZ’s comic and manga community. Overload NZ Comic & Manga Convention is a community-focused annual event where local indie comic and manga artists can exhibit and sell their work. With food stalls and a range of anime and manga themed stalls, there is something for everyone. Music: Sakagami Souichi ( http://www.tandess.com/...

Our Steam Summer Sale 2018 picks!

Saskia’s Top 5 Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines I’ve never encountered a game quite like Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines, which is a crying shame!!! Possibly the best RPG I’ve ever played. It’s supernatural, the characters are interesting and well fleshed-out (little in-joke that you’ll get once you play it), it’s thrilling (I actually was a...

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