PMG Interviews AFK

Di chats with director/creator of AFK Peter Haynes and Saskia takes actor Vanya Essin on for a physical challenge. Season 2 of AFK is out now on TVNZ on Demand! Woot!

PMG Interviews Osric Chau

Saskia/Nurse Joy catches up with Osric Chau about this roles in Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency and Supernatural, and lots of other geeky things.

Overload 2018: NZ’s Comic and Manga Convention

Louise went to the Overload convention and rubbed shoulders with NZ’s comic and manga community. Overload NZ Comic & Manga Convention is a community-focused annual event where local indie comic and manga artists can exhibit and sell their work. With food stalls and a range of anime and manga themed stalls, there is something for everyone. Music: Sakagami Souichi (

Our Steam Summer Sale 2018 picks!

Saskia’s Top 5 Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines I’ve never encountered a game quite like Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines, which is a crying shame!!! Possibly the best RPG I’ve ever played. It’s supernatural, the characters are interesting and well fleshed-out (little in-joke that you’ll get once you play it), it’s thrilling (I actually was a...

Top 9 Steam Summer Sale Games You Could Buy For Roughly The Same Price As A Grande From Starbucks.

Steam’s summer sale is here to, once again, drain your precious coffee fund straight from out of your already semi-anemic wallets. With heavy hitting titles like The Witcher III, AC Origins and the Fallout franchise all between 50 to 60% off, I’m confident the product keys will be flowing as hot and smooth as Kilauea’s lava drifts, with potentially comparable monetary damages to boot.And her...

No Man’s Sky – NEXT

Everyone has an opinion about No Man’s Sky. A lot of people hate it, some people are indifferent, and some people as passionate about the game. In fact haters will join live streams of No Man’s Sky just to slag the game off. Some people join and say “is this game any good?”, and some join and say “oh man I am glad you’re streaming this, I love it”. The response to the second question, oft answered...

Mavericks Proving Grounds

At E3 this year many games were announced, and everyone was pumped for something new. One game that piqued my interest was Mavericks Proving Grounds. Mavericks is a battle royale game and they claim it has a truly unique interactive world where there is destructible buildings, you leave footprints, crushed foliage, and even blood behind as you hunt or flee. New items, decals, and icons become avai...

RAID: World War ll (beta)

Over the last 5 days, people who owned PAYDAY2 were treated to a new game to test, called RAID: World War II. According to the website: THE NAZIS ARE WINNING AND WE NEED DRASTIC MEASURES RAID: World War II is an action-packed four player cooperative shooter set during a time when the Nazi war machine was still going strong. During the worldwide fight against evil, four prisoners of war are freed f...

Top 5 Picks for Celebrate Studio Ghibli!

The Pretty Much Geeks team is beyond excited for Madman’s Celebrate Studio Ghibli! It’s a month-long celebration of the complete theatrical works, and more, from the acclaimed animation house – in cinemas in Australia and New Zealand, from August 24th to September 20th, 2017. From the wildly imaginative fantasy of Howl’s Moving Castle and the Oscar®-winning Spirited Away, t...

NMS Waking Titan is over!

For about 6 weeks now, Hello Games have been conducting an Alternate Reality Game (ARG) alongside and sometimes even inside No Man’s Sky. It has involved websites, actors, live drops, in game live drops, packages containing cryptic clues sent to YouTubers and Reddit mods. People have sent in pictures, solved puzzles and even participated in a soft of.. well… escape room of sorts. Most recently the...

What is Hello Games up to!?

It has probably been awhile since many of you have heard anything about No Man’s Sky (NMS), but things have not been quiet in the [multi]verse. Since the game was released, a lot of people complained and felt like they had no received what they were promised. There were issues with Hello Games (the developers) not communicating, and many people got very upset. HOWEVER, and I mean HOWEVER, Hello ga...

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