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Flippin' great

Of all the reviews I’ve written this one will be one of the hardest. Because I’ve gotta be subtle and light. I’ve gotta run parallel to the subject, to highlight yet not reveal. Because I loved it. I loved Brigsby Bear 9 out of 10.

That’s all you really need to know. You can just stop reading now and just go get some tickets. I’m pretty sure that’s the first time I’ve written that.
It’s something I want you to experience. And to not spoil that I’ve got to essentially tell you nothing, except that I loved it.

Directed by Dave McCary and starring and co-written by Kyle Mooney, an SNL guy. I guess I could break it down more and say I loved the story… The characters, the acting ahhh the general tone. But that’s all implied when you really enjoy a great movie.

I appreciate what they did with the trailer in not giving any story away. But there is a trap there as it actually sells the movie short. I took my wife along and after watching the trailer she didn’t think she would like it. But she did, loved it. It’s deeper, it’s fresher, it’s….more heartfelt than the main trailer proposes. It’s a very difficult movie to compare but it brings to mind movies where you really care about the characters like ‘Stand by me’ or the ‘Goonies’ but its aimed at an older twenty or thirty-year-old audience.

I can tell you who you should take if that helps. I mentioned already that its one you can take your wife to. It’s very rare for us to go to the movies unless I drag her along to something she must endure. We have very different tastes in film but here the planets aligned. I wouldn`t take my mum as some of the scenes would make the experience too awkward but it’s a great date movie I think. It’s emotional and funny it’ll make you look cool ‘n…cultured. It will make her think that you were thinking of her when you buy these tickets. You’re the giving, sacrificial one. And at the end you can say how you almost cried..or something. And you were really surprised just how much you enjoyed it. She’ll then think you’re a really awesome guy cause you feel so.. deeply. That under that awkward outer shell of yours pumps the heart of gold she’s always been looking for! But here’s the thing you’re not even really surprised cause you’ve read this review! And. Like all dudes who punch above their weight, you’ve tricked a girl hotter than you deserve into being your girlfriend……!

The movie is great, name your first child after me, my name is Nick.



Flippin' great

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