Bad Moms 2

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Bad Moms was an unexpected treasure of a film for me. Following three Mums giving the middle finger to the competitiveness and pressure of being the ‘perfect mum’, it was excellently timed, comedic genius. You can see my full thoughts on it here.

Bad Moms 2 aka A Bad Moms Christmas, unfortunately, didn’t have the same impact. It still had all the right elements! Mila Kunis, was still great as the central mum character Amy. Now separated from her husband and happily settled with the hot Dad, Jessie (Jay Hernandez), from the first movie,  Amy must face the most tiring time of the year for mums. Christmas. Kristen Bell is back as conservative Kiki, although this time she definitely seems like the more sane one of the bunch… Kathryn Hahn is, again, the light of my life in her role as Carla – the forever drunk and wild Mum. Bringing all the crude jokes and sass – I’m hanging out for a Carla spin off! However, this time the ‘bad Moms’ are facing an all to familiar foe…their mothers. Cue every mother stereotype entering from stage left.

Now, I’m not saying it was awful. I still laughed a lot! But it didn’t have the same wow-factor as the first for me. I felt like I’d seen it already. You could see the conflicts and resolutions coming a mile off. Christine Baranksi was probably my favourite of the bad moms’ mothers. As Amy’s mother, Ruth, she played the typical ever-disapproving, perfectionist socialite who, of course, clashes with Amy on every topic imaginable. Susan Sarandon played Carla’s mother, Isis. The wayward, gambling addict mother who only shows up when she needs money from poor trusting Carla. The creepiest and most over-the-top of the bunch has got to be Kiki’s mum, Sandy, though. Cheryl Hines brings the sickly sweet, overly-clingy/obsessed mum to life all to well. From wearing jumpers and pyjamas with Kiki’s face all over them, to sneaking in to watch Kiki and her husband…well…you know, I really couldn’t wait for her scenes to be over.

I think that’s where it all went wrong for me. The first movie’s charm was that even though it was outrageous, the characters still felt real. You could relate to them, you could really imagine mums you know letting go and having fun just like them. The mums of the mums were just too far removed from reality. They were sitcom humans aka ridiculous and over-dramatised. They were cringey and jarring when forced into the world with characters we already knew so well.

One great new addition is Ty Swindel played by Justin Hartley. An amazing love interest for my fav girl Carla. Ty is a male stripper in need of a thorough waxing and Carla, in her new job at a day spa, is only too happy to oblige. This leads to an astoundingly verbally explicit scene as they discuss certain elements of the waxing process and Ty’s profession without batting an eyelid. It still manages to feel like an authentic and even romantic exchange, which I reckon is pretty darn impressive!

Bad Moms 2 is a fun watch. It’s got some great humour without being too crude, but lacks whatever flair of creativity and uniqueness the first film delivered. An excellent choice for a girls night out 🙂




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