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What do you do when Earth is in danger of being destroyed? When an octopus alien like creature, has left the moon in pieces threatens mankind’s existence? Declaring war on earth, no weapons work against him. The military has had several attempts to annihilate him, with no success. The only people he acknowledges are kids from a specific class which he teaches skills and tricks to assassinate him.


Although the plot is quite bizarre, I thoroughly enjoyed season 1 of Assassination Classroom. I found the character development to be excellent as it added flavour to the story. The music was not at all what I expected. The animation and effects were very well done and supplemented the (main) characters.

Character Development and Plot

Character development
Assassination Classroom provided a whole range of emotions for me. I thought it was going to be a lighthearted anime. Boy, was I wrong. As I went through season 1, I had mixed feelings about the assassination. I would be cheering for the students (to save the world) but at the same time, I didn’t want Koro Sensei eliminated. The writers did well to make me seesaw between the two!

The students’ uniqueness was fleshed out during season 1. The students were part of a rejected group – the outcasts of the school. Each had their own reason to be there and each played a role in the attempts of assassination. As the season progresses, I had a hard time choosing which side I wanted to win. I developed this odd connection with Koro Sensei and not wanting him to die. But that’s the point of the anime, right? For him to be assassinated?


I found the teachers to be hilarious. There was a bit of fan service but you why it was needed by the end of the season. The teachers complemented each other well and it was not as cliché as I first thought. You see a twist at the end that left my mouth gaping.

There were numerous underlying themes such as perseverance, friendship and maturity. These were portrayed by the students really well. Being the outcasts, the students are treated as scum of the school. From bad grades to bad attitude, each had a reason to be there. But why were they chosen?

I thought the characters were going to annoy me but I enjoyed getting acquainted with each of them. There was a lot of comedy but also seriousness attached to them. Feelings of empathy and compassion resonated within me, even for the one they needed to assassinate.

Students trying to kill a teacher. Teachers teaching students how to kill a teacher. Interested yet?

Music and Animation

I thought the music would be quite dark. The word “assassination” doesn’t really trigger the word “jolly”. But the opening was exactly that. Upbeat and rapturous. My sister had it blasting from her room which was what got me intrigued. I’m a sucker for happy openings.

The exam arc stood out to me as the score and the music enhanced the suspense. Without spoiling anything, it got quite dramatic as it was one of the most anticipated build up during the season.

Have you seen Koro Sensei? It’s amazing how the animators convey different emotions through his face.

The last few episodes were intense but at the same time enjoyable. I thought I wouldn’t like it as the anime doesn’t finish but it left me feeling a-okay! Watching season 1 of assassination classroom might leave you feeling odd as you develop feels for a creature that is trying to destroy earth.

I wouldn’t say this is a lighthearted anime although it has some aspects of it. With violence and themes of murder, I advise viewer discretion. (Also because it contains a bit of fan service, you might want an adult near you for supervision).

Big thanks to Madman for a copy of Assassination Classroom!



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