A Quiet Place

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Flippin' great

I feel like writing this review in a smaller font, so your brain whispers when you read this review. I dont want to use any caps (which this device is not wanting me to do) and I definitely don’t  ever want to use a exclamation point. I turn  down the light on my notepad as I write so I’m not noticed. It’s muted or it does a click on every keystroke (that was driving me crazy anyway). I want the vibe of this movie to go on. But the movie is finished, I’m home again. Its late and quiet. The TV is off, I’m not playing any music. The house is surrounded by crickets and I can hear the cat licking himself in the corner. I wonder if many others from that session have done the same? Made their own Quiet Place.

Set in a Post Apocalyptic world this little family live their day to day lives in silence. They have had to adapt to the new rules that permeate throughout everything they do. and which carry terrifying and immediate consequences if any of them are broken. After watching this (I’m giving up on the no caps thing) you realize there are a lot of things that need to bang together to make things happen…..scraping, clanging, beeping, crunching, slapping – even coughing and sneezing are seriously problematic in the ‘Place’. So a family trying to bring up three young children seems impossible.

John Krasinski is the Director and lead actor, he’s the ‘normal’ guy on the U.S. version of the Office. He stars along side his real world wife Emily Blunt. I was worried about him before going into this movie, but no, he held his own. Emily did the heavy lifting though, and she lifted, she was amazing. Her fear, stress and pain faces….wow. The best acting surprise was from the young Millicent Simmonds who plays the eldest daughter. A lot of really important scenes and secondary story lines where hers to deliver and she nailed it, I thought.

It may not be the scariest movie you’ll ever see, but it reaches out and grips you. It’s not unpleasant, you want to be there, all the way to the end. To squeal as you go through the loops and dips of its ever steeper track ( I didn’t squeal, I heard others). So even as its starts to squeeze you , you just want more.
Im trying not to spoil anything its actually really hard writing a review for a movie you really respect. I want to meet you after and list the ‘do you remember thats’, and arrh man what about that nail…(trust me you’ll be saying it). That’s why I’m focusing on the vibe of the thing. I mean just go see it.

Here is a good example of its success. At the advanced screening. We were all given big brown paper bags with a little burger and chips in it. I thought wow that’s gonna be a real pain with all the sound they generate when getting a chip. No, no problem. There were a bunch of very quiet scenes as you can imagine,  but the full theatre was super quiet, it really was noticeable. The biggest sound problem was coming from the boomy basey movie next door. Everyone was gripped and squeezed together.
The worst thing is, is what I’ve said before on a movie I’ve really liked. It’s why doesn’t this happen more often.  You’re wading through the crud and you step on a gold nugget. You’re chipping away with your pick axe, at a wall two miles down, and a gem falls out. You arrive late to the work birthday party and there is like five pieces of cheesy crust Super Supreme left. A Quiet Place makes you think it should happen all the time, but it doesn’t does it.



Flippin' great

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