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I Believe In Yesterday

I read about the concept for the plot of Yesterday, before it was attached to a director, and knew it was going to be a movie I was going to love. What would yo...

Annabelle Comes Home

Writer Gary Dauberman has certainly got some impressive writing credits under his belt. Having penned the screenplay for both It (2017) and the eagerly anticipa...

Alleys: A Virtual Experience that Might be Better than the Real Thing

If the thought of virtually walking through a dark alley fills you with both excitement and dread, I might just have the game for you. Alleys by solo developer ...

Pixar has a Hopeful Future and You Could Attend a Wizarding School!

Kia Ora, this is the Pretty Much Weekly! A weekly series where we sometimes share this week’s news, and other times share news that we only found out abou...

Child’s Play

As the Pretty Much Geeks’ unofficial horror geek, I was delighted to go along to an advanced screening of Child’s Play – a sort of reboot for ...

A Captain Marvel To Call Your Own

Captain Marvel, she’s a hero, gonna take girl power up from… zero!? SHE’S GOT POWERS MAGNIFIED AND SHE’S FIGHTING ON MANY PLANETS’...

Black Spot

Black Spot, I thought, is an unusual name for a TV show, but in the past I have bought vinyl (records, you know :P) based purely on the album artwork, and stumb...

Toy Story 4

When Toy Story 3 was announced, I thought “Oh no. They’re going to ruin the series! Why are they making another one?!” But I walked out of that film happily pro...

MIB: International

It’s hard to believe it’s been over 20 years since Men In Black was first released in 1997. I remember seeing it at the movies with my Daddy and enjoying the mi...

E3 2019: Di’s Arbitrary Indie Awards

E3 is often about the pomp and circumstance of some of the biggest and most hyped games to come. But if you’re a hipster-gamer like me, read on, dear one....

Robert Downey Jr is Iron Man and Uncharted Movie gets a release date

It’s the Pretty Much Weekly! The series where we give you the latest in movies, games and tech. I actually have something in tech this week! This week, Chernoby...


With a slight contemporary voice, Ophelia still is everything you’d want from a movie set in the Middle Ages. Sword fighting, sumptuous gowns, a touch of ...

Ubisoft’s E3 Conference 2019

This was probably my favourite conference so far! Ubisoft kicked things off with a taste of their Assassin’s Creed Symphony, which will be going on a R...

Xbox at E3 2019 – In Brief

Xbox were very proud to say they had the biggest showcase of games this year with 60 games being at least mentioned. I’ve linked the live stream here, but...

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The Pretty Much Geeks’ Guide to Gifts (Christmas and Beyond)

Here at Pretty Much Geeks we LOVE the Christmas holidays! But we also hate the stress that comes wit...

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